Meet the team

Josep Casimiro Morán

Physiotherapist and Osteopath, specialist in pediatrics

• Master in anatomical dissection in progress UB
• Diplomado en Osteopatía pediatrica EOB (2016-2017)
• Continuing education: J.F Terramorsi structural concept, neurodynamics C. Ferrari, Osteopathy and foci ing Dino Muzzi, Neurovegetative osteopathy I-II Jean-Marie Michelin, Obstetrics and postpartum gynecology Renzo Molinari.
• Master in Osteopathy from the Osteopathy School of Barcelona 2015
• Continuous training: Diagnosis and treatment of the Omphis TMJ, Instrumental fibrosis and ITNM hooks, Dry puncture in the OMPHIS myofascial syndrome, Neuromotor re-equilibration of the Gimbernat spine, Taping Kenzen.
• Diploma in physiotherapy Gimbernat (2006-2009)
• Higher education training cycle of physical and sports activities UBAE-SEAE (2004-2006)
• Osteopath registration Spain 571
• Collegiate 8657

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